Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Brian Hicks?

A: California’s number one real estate agent. Instead of empty promises, Brian brings his clients concrete results and helps people save money in a crazy market. Brian Hicks was born and raised in California, so he understands the market firsthand. Plus, he really enjoys saving homeowners tons of their hard-earned money when representing them.

Q: Is Brian Hicks Experienced?

A: Brian is extremely knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to real estate. In fact, his business success depends on your success. And that’s the Brian Hicks difference.

Q: What Can I Expect When I Choose Brian Hicks?

A: Brian Hicks helps you market the property you intend to sell across major real estate sites. You gain a dedicated realtor that will work with you through closing and provide you with all the insider advice and service you deserve and expect. Our website helps you stay on top of things.

Q: How Does Brian Hicks Real Estate Keep Prices So Low For Home Buyers?

A: Brian Hicks has over 20 years experience with financial analysis in contract negotiations. Which means our team is able to provide you with a solid business and marketing plan that will help you maximize your finances during the sale or purchase of your home. Face it. With today’s technology, charging 6% or 5% is crazy. Why pay hundreds if not thousands per hour for less experience? When we make you happy, we grow our business.

Q: How Does Brian Hicks Help Home Sellers Sell Their Homes For The Best Price With An ROI?

A: The buyer’s agent gets 2% commission and we get just 1.5%. So, with a smaller slice of the pie going to us, we save people like you thousands every day! You can head on over to our website and use our free home evaluation tool plus see hundreds of unbiased websites. If you’d like, you can even get your own appraisal and we will refund you at the close of escrow. Also, we make sure your property is marketed effectively to bring in highly qualified buyers. When we help you attract the right buyer, we also sell your home faster and for the best price.

Q: What If My Property Doesn’t Sell?

A: A good real estate agent knows what needs to get done. But a great agent, knows what needs to get done and gets it done. With Brian Hicks working for you, you get a custom marketing plan that will help your property sell and sell fast. Brian will prep your home specifically to sell; repair your property if needed; stage the inside and outside; price your space just right; and last but not least, sell it!

Q: How Do You Offer Excellent Service?

A: Brian Hicks offers excellent services because he has something that can’t be bought or obtained with money – honesty and reliability. Without gimmicks and great communication, Brian Hicks gives you the tools to make the right choices when looking for your dream home. Having an agent that’s on your side to walk you through the steps will save you tons of time and money.